Thread Protector
Thread Protector
Pressure Plug
Pressure Plug Installed
BOP Testing

Taurus Thread Protectors and/or Pressure Plugs are shipped standard with Mandrels. Thread Protectors provide a pressure seal as well as protection for the threads during component installation. Unlike our competitors’ versions, a standard Taurus Thread Protector is designed with an angled bullnose for easy guided installation. Thread Protectors are strong enough to be used in high pressure BOP (blow out preventer) tests, providing the Feedthru extrudes far enough past the tubing hanger to allow the Thread Protector to safely couple onto the Mandrel.

In those cases when tubing hanger does not allow enough room for the Thread Protector to safely thread onto the upper threads of the mandrel, or if the installed Thread Protector is not able to fit through the bonnet, Taurus provides a compact high strength pressure plug for BOP testing purposes. Pressure Plugs are easy to Install and Uninstall, and are good for BOP tests up to 5000 psi.

Variations of Thread Protectors and Pressure Plugs are available to fit all Mandrel and Feedthru types.